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eemed us from the condemnation of the law, having been condemned for us.' "Then if He paid the penalty of the faults and failures of my life,

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anxious thought about the future." "Quite so," said Chrissy. "I never saw it in that l

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ight before," he said. "Why did you not tell me this before, child?" "Because," she rep

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lied, "I feared that you would scoff at my 'Quakerism,' as the boys call it." In

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the few short weeks that followed, confidence and hope rose triumphant over physical weakness and

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mental depression, and on the second of June, 1839, the White Chief of the Ottawa passed through "the valley of the shadow." To him it was not a dark valley, however, for shadows cannot be seen in the dark. The Light of the World, whom he had lost sight of f

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or the best part of his life, was there, and all was peace. THE END.

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